Oil Field Services

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Oil Field Services

TPIC have the deserved honour of proving outstanding drilling and workover services with the experience gained from brilliant performance shown under harsh seasonal circumstances for a wide range of energy business from geothermal to oil & gas. 

Having started providing oilfield services in 1999, TPIC successfully continues to operate in domestic and international markets while upgrading the equipment and developing personnel quality. 

TPIC have provided oilfield services to many clients particularly in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Georgia, Syria and Turkmenistan since its foundation. As of the end of 2015, TPIC has provided drilling services for a total of 600 wells and reached 1,000,000 meters total cumulative measured depth, together with 4000 workover and well completion services  provided in domestic and international markets. 

Domestic (Turkey) Activity

TPIC has provided drilling field services to TP, BM Construction and Engineering, Gurmat Construction and Engineering, Zorlu Energy, Sanko Holding, MasPo Energy, Akca Energy, Aytemiz, Mis/Soyak Energy and many other clients with its experience in onshore drilling. Currently, we continue to provide drilling and workover services in different regions of Turkey and these services gain momentum every day.

Activity in Iraq

With the advantage of having logistical and maintenance workshops, warehouses and bases located very close to Iraq, TPIC was awarded with a 45 wells turnkey drilling and workover contract t by state oil company of Iraq (South Oil Company) on 14.03.2010.  The South Rumaila Field Project is supposed to be one of the largests in Basra Region. Until today, 19 wells have been completed successfuly and the drilling of the remaining wells is ongoing.