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Drilling Services

  • Drilling
  • Core boring
  • Fishing
  • Running Casing
  • Side Tracking

Well Completion Services

  • Completion
  • Cementing
  • Acidification
  • Swabbing
  • DST

Log Services

  • OH(Opened well) Log
  • CH(Closed well) Log
  • Mechanical Services
  • Log Interpretation

Drilling services

Land drilling is our speciality. Our drilling rigs permit us to realize any drilling applications and activities. In passed years, drilling services have been rendered to numerous oil companies in domestic market and abroad such as Karasu, NOC (North Oil Company), Frontera Resources, Dove Energy, Zorlu Petrogas, IPRMEL, PERENCO, HEMA, Çalık Enerji, EOT (Energy Operations Turkey LLC), GÜRİŞ, BM Engineering and Construction Co. Inc., KTM (KazakTurkMunay), and TPAO. Presently, we have still been rendering drilling services to TPAO, Zorlu Geothermal Energy Power Generation Co. Inc., and Sanko Holding Co. Inc., and KTM. The bidding for drilling 45 wells in South Rumalia oilfield was submitted to the South Oil Company (SOC), and the tender was approved by the Prime Ministry, and contract was signed on 14.03.2010. The project with 2 rigs was planned to be completed within 31 months.

Besides drilling we provide the following services:

  • Core sampling
  • Fishing
  • DST
  • Logging
  • Side Tracking
  • Casing cementing
  • Maintenance and repair of the drilling equipments

Well Completion Services

TPIC provides well completion services such as workover, completion, re-completion, cementing and acidification in a large range.

In previous years, TPIC has provided well completion, workover and log services for the several big companies like the Shell, Wilco, Madison, Amerada Hess, Salyan Oil, KazakhOilAktobe, KazakTurkMunay, Caspineft TME, Aral Petroleum Capital, Zhaik Munay, Güriş, Zorlu, Sanko, and TPAO. Our well completion services have still been continuing for TPAO and the Zorlu Enerji.

Log Services

TPIC provides the log trucks, skid-mounted log unit, and cased-hole log and perforation services. Our log units are equipped with the Halliburton Log system and software.

Open Hole Services

  • BCS-GR-CAL (Sonic-Gamma Ray-Caliper)
  • CDL-CNS-SGR (Density-Neutron-Spectral Gamma Ray)
  • DLL-MSFL-SP (Dual Laterlog –Micro Spherical Focused-Sp)
  • Dipmeter (Six Electrode Dipmeter)
  • X-Y Caliper
  • Open Hole Image (Cast-V & Resmap)

Cased Hole Services

  • Completion And Reservoir Evaluation
  • Ccl (Casing Collar Locator)
  • Gr (Gamma Ray)
  • Cbl-Vdl (Cement Bond AND Variable Density)
  • Pet (Pulse Echo Tool)
  • Neutron Log
  • Cased Hole Image (Cast-V & Pet)
  • Production Log

Flow meter Log, Temperature Log

Perforation Services

  • Hollow Steel Carrier (Hsbc)
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforation (Tcp)
  • Stick Shatter
  • Tornado Link Jet

Rod Assessment and Recovery

  • Free Point Service
  • Back-Off Service
  • Tubing, Casing, AND Drill Pipe Jet Cutters
  • Junk Shots
  • Drill Collar Severing Tool

Log Interpretation Services

Mechanical Services

  • Bridge Plug & Packer Setting
  • Pressure Control Equipment Toolpusher system for logging in horizontal wells
  • Offshore Skid Unit