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Ahmet TÜRKOĞLU (Chairman of the Board)

After graduating from the International Relations Department of Boğaziçi University in 1996, Ahmet Türkoğlu started his professional career as Store Manager at “Office 1 Superstore” in the same year. Between 1999-2003, he worked as Casio Office Products Sales Manager. Between 2003-2009, he worked as Sales and Marketing Director at Çalık Holding. In 2010, Türkoğlu was appointed to Turkish Petroleum Distribution Company (TPPD) as Vice General Manager and until 2013, he governed a range of functions including sales, marketing, projects and investments, P&R, purchasing, human resources, finance and budgeting while effectively coordinating domestic and international ties. Between 2013-2015, he worked as CEO in Öztürk Group including companies like Opet, Regnum Hotels. Experienced especially in the areas of contract management, purchasing, product management, sales, marketing, branding, positioning, strategic planning and entrepreneurship and engaged as a senior executive in the energy sector, Ahmet Turkoglu has been working as the General Manager of Turkish Energy Company(TEC) since the beginning of 2016. In February 2017, he was also appointed to TPIC as General Manager and Chairman of the Board. Speaking English at advanced level, he is married with four children.


Safa USLU (Member of the Board)

Mr Uslu is a PhD candidate on Turkey – Africa Energy Relations in Durham University and holds a Master Degree in International Relations from the same university. He earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in Sakarya University, in 2000. He is also 2015 Eisenhower Fellow. Currently, he works as the Director General for General Directorate of Foreign Affairs and EU in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Mr. Uslu previously served as the Advisor to Abdullah Gul, The Former President of Republic of Turkey for 4 years. Before this title, he worked as Chief of Cabinet to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister. Earlier in his career, Mr Uslu’s served as the Assistant-Advisor to an MP, in the Turkish National Assembly. He is married with two children.


Dr. Şuayip BİRİNCİ (Member of the Board) 

Mr. Şuayip Birinci was graduated from On Dokuz Mayis University, Faculty of Medicine in 1998. He completed two master’s programs which are; Health Institutions Administration Master’s Program (2010) and Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship Master’s Program(2013). Since 2013, he’s been Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Candidate working on Health Institutions Administration. He began his career as a physician in 1998 and worked at various public institutions until 2005. Between 2005-2009, he worked as Deputy Chief Physician at Istanbul Umraniye Training and Research Hospital. After, he was appointed to Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Health as Deputy Director and worked until 2012. Between 2012-2014, he worked as the Secretary General for Istanbul Northern Anatolia Public Hospitals Association. Since 2014, he’s been working as Deputy Undersecretary at Turkish Ministry of Health. He was appointed as a member of the board of TPIC in 28 September 2016. Speaking fluent English, Mr. Birinci is married with three children.

Mustafa KARLI (Member of the Board)

Mustafa Karli was graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration in 1994. He began his career as Financial and Administrative Affairs Manager at BUGSAS Ankara Subway and worked between 1995-2003. Until 2006, he worked as Overseas Contracts Specialist at ERDEMIR Group-ERENCO commercially conducting various contracts with a total budget of 150.000.000 USD. Between 2006-2014, he worked as Training and Improvement Manager in BOTAS International. He carried on his career in HAVELSAN as HR Planning and Evaluation Manager between 2014-2015. Since then, until 2016, Mr. Karli worked as a Coordinator at STM Inc. In 2016, he was appointed as a consultant at Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Besides, he’s still been working as the head of the administrative and financial affairs of the MENR. He was also appointed as a member of the board of TPIC in 28 September 2016. Speaking fluent English, Mr Karli is married with two children.

Dr. Oğuz CAN (Member of the Board)

Dr. Oğuz CAN is currently working as the Director General of Renewable Energy of MENR. After graduating from Istanbul Technical University Mechanical Engineering, he completed his Master's Degree in Energy at the same university. Having a doctoral degree from Marmara University, Dept. of Engineering Management, Oğuz Can has seminars, papers and publications in the fields of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Climate Change and Sustainability, 

In his business life, he worked as; R&D Manager at İsbak AŞ (Istanbul IT and Smart City Technologies Inc); Survey and Project Manager at Istanbul Energy Inc.; System Development Manager at ISTAC Inc. and General Manager at Recydia Inc.. Oguz CAN who was a member of the Board in Sureko and Recydia Inc., was also a founding member, Board member and Secretary General of various NGOs, In 20.10.2017, Dr. Can was appointed as the member of the Board of TPIC. He is married with two children.